Alex Winter

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“Sharon has greatly aided me in my work, as an actor and a writer-director. She possesses a rare capability of getting right to an artist’s core in order to help build a firm foundation and responsive instincts. And she achieves this in an atmosphere of compassion and trust. In Sharon’s class one feels both completely protected and challenged to grow. She’s the real deal.”

Alex Winter, Actor/Director/Writer/Producer
Acting credits include Grand Piano, Robot Chicken (CN), Bill & Ted’s Bogus Journey, Rosalie Goes Shopping, Bones (FOX), The Idiot Box (MTV), Bill & Ted’s Excellent Adventure, Freaked, The Lost Boys
Director/Writer/Producer credits include Smosh: The Movie, Kirby Buckets (Disney), Deep Web, Supah Ninjas (NICK), Level Up (CN), Blue Mountain State (SPIKE), Ben 10 (CN – live action adaptation), Fever, Freaked, Dirty Famous (VH1), The Idiot Box (MTV), national & international commercials and music videos