Sherilyn Fenn

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“Sharon Chatten is one of the best teachers I have ever worked with. She led me to a depth and truth and introduced me to comedy in a real, tangible way. She is simply one of the best living teachers in Los Angeles…I love her.”

Sherilyn Fenn, Actor
Credits include Twin Peaks (SHO), Ray Donovan (SHO), The Secrets of Emily Blair, Something About Her, Unnatural, CSI: Crime Scene Investigation (CBS), The Brittany Murphy Story (Lifetime), Magic City (STARZ), Raze, Psych (USA), In Plain Sight (USA), House M.D. (FOX), Gilmore Girls (WB), CSI: Miami (CBS), The 4400 (USA), Judging Amy (CBS), Boston Public (FOX), NCIS (CBS), The United States of Leland, Law & Order: Special Victims Unit (NBC), Dawson’s Creek (WB), Rude Awakening (SHO), Boxing Helena, Of Mice And Men, Liz: The Elizabeth Taylor Story (NBC), Twin Peaks (ABC) – Emmy Nominee & Golden Globe Nominee